Create a Taco Bar

Taco Bar

Kids that are old enough to help out in the kitchen will enjoy this party. (Probably 8 and up) They should have a great time preparing their own treats and then eating them. If you’d like to judge the finished tacos and offer prizes for the biggest, messiest, most unusual etc, it will add an element of competition that kids enjoy.

Set Up: All you really need to do is go grocery shopping. Gather all the ingredients you can think of that could be used in a taco or burrito. Provide both soft and crunchy shells, lettuce, tomato, seasoned chicken or beef, rice, cheese, salsa, sour cream, green chilies, onions, beans and black olives. Don’t be afraid to think out of the box and try a few unusual things, like hominy, jicama, mushrooms, pork, or seafood. Your more adventurous guests just might create a new taste sensation.

Invitations: Use bright-colored cards with southwestern designs to set the mood.

Arrival: Put on some lively Latin music and have everyone wash up to handle food. Unless all the kids will be 12 or older, you will probably want to brown the meat and keep it warm, and dice the things that require a sharp knife yourself. Even younger ones can shred lettuce, grate cheese, open cans and help set all the ingredients out to form an assembly line.

Main Event: When the food is ready, gather everyone together to view the ingredients. Have them start thinking of interesting flavor combinations they could try. Caution them that when they go through the line the first time they should just make a mini-taco with ½ a shell to be sure they like their choices. This will lead to much less wasted food. The next time through the buffet, they will make the taco that will be judged for prizes. Let the kids taste one another’s creations and eat until they are full.

Refreshments: The only thing you need to add is something cool to drink and maybe a piñata stuffed with candy for a grand finale.